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Nestled amidst a beautiful and exotic Malaysian beach, Sutera Inn Prima Kota Bharu brings you great value – luxury at a price you can afford. Offering a business quality hotel, Sutera Inn Prima Kota Bharu features the latest equipment and facilities to offer maximum comfort and convenience. What’s more being a true Bed and Breakfast Inn, your morning meal is taken care of. Put all of this together with our customary warmth and care, you’ll agree that your stay here will be a memorable one.

Kelantan’s coastline is an undiscovered paradise, and offers a number of idyllic beaches. Vast stretches of tropical forest cover the state, and its southeastern corner forms part of the Taman Negara National Park.

Long recognized as the “Cradle of Malaysian Culture”, Kelantan whose name means “The Land of Lightning” is a mesmerizing and spell bindingly beautiful place. A state blessed with an abundance of idyllic long beaches it is perfect for those pleasant idle walks or just playing on pristine sun kissed beaches. For those of you who prefer the greener variety of the outdoors, Kelantan has an abundance of tropical forests that invite the adventurous and the daring.

Sights and Sounds!


Kelantanese beaches are lovely, long and offer a view of golden sands spread out for miles! But beware! Local customs prohibit the use of skimpy clothes and nude bathing. Please!

Pantai Cahaya Bulan or PCB offers a venue for family picnics and evening strolls and food and nearby resorts are plentiful. Pantai Dasar Sabak is a historic beach: the scene of the Japanese landing during World War 2. Pantai Irama is a scenic beach 25 km from Kota Bharu. Pantai Sri Tujuh is normally the venue for the Kelantanese Wau Bulan (Giant Kite) Festival and the Annual Bird Singing Competition.


The Kelantan River is one of the largest rivers in the country. Dotted with riverside villages, it offers a unique look into the lives of rural communities.


You never truly know a place until you sample their cuisine!!! If what they say is true then getting to know Kelantan will leave you feeling very full indeed! Kelantanese cuisine is made of sweety creamy dishes like the nasi kerabu (herbal rice), ayam percik (grilled chicken with a creamy coconut taste), and nasi dagang (rice with tuna fish curry). The best places to sample the local cuisine is at the night markets in Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan.


Kelantanese are known for their handicraft skills and intricate workmanship and as such, they have made a thriving cottage industry out of generations of skilled craftsmen. The best place to look for these wares is along Jalan (Road) PCB. And if silverwork is your forte then, Kampung Morak, situated 10km away from Kota Bharu is where you should head to.

Aside from silverwork, Kelantan is also famed for their batik and songket cloths. The perfect souvenir to take back home, batik is a piece of cloth patterned with beautiful flowery design. Songket on the other hand has gold strands threaded into the cloth and was traditionally worn only by royalties. Nowadays, anyone can own these gorgeous handcrafted items. The best bargains for these items can be found at Pasar Siti Khadijah in the centre of Kota Bharu.